Wanted: Established Multi-Discipline Physio Clinic

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Listing ID: Wanted: Established Multi-Discipline Physio Clinic

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Are you considering transitioning your Physio Clinic or exploring a strategic
partnership? Our team is actively seeking to purchase or collaborate with
an established multi-disciplined Physio Clinic that aligns with our vision for
innovation and excellence.
Key Criteria:
 Established Legacy: Preferably in operation for 10+ years.
 Size Matters: Ideally housed in a medium to large facility (3000
 Diverse Services: Offering a range of multidisciplinary services such
as Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage, etc.
 Facility Extras: A clinic with a rehab or dance studio is highly
 Visibility Matters: Strong signage and roadside awareness are

Target Clientele:
 Holistic Approach: Serving private medical cases and specializing
in Physio treatment for older adults and retirement populations.

Preferred Locations:
 Prime Areas: Ideally located in Oakville, with strong consideration for
Mississauga, Burlington, and Hamilton.

Our Team:
 Proven Experience: Seasoned entrepreneurs with a track record in
the industry.
 Innovation Leadership: Backed by a leading expert in innovative

Our Vision:
 Team Retention: We plan to retain all current staff.
 Innovation Integration: Introducing state-of-the-art, innovation-
based practices to elevate the clinic's profile.

Contact Us:
 If you are contemplating transitioning your Physio clinic or exploring
innovative avenues, let's discuss possibilities. Your clinic's legacy
could become a part of our exciting journey.

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Robert Mitchell

Robert Mitchell